Terry Marttinen

A woman with short blond hair wearing sunglasses and a black jacket standing in front of a river. There is a view of a bridge in the distance.

“Disabled women should not be underestimated”.

 From a culturally diverse family, I joined the disability protest in support of disabled Indigenous and immigrant women who experience systemic discrimination, violence, economic, and social marginalization. The discourse surrounding disability has taken on new political significance and raises concerns over entrenching policies that isolate and violate the lives of the disabled in several countries. As a human rights advocate and student with a hidden disability, it is important and relevant for me to draw attention to policies that infringe on the health and other rights. I am particularly concerned about international education and immigration policies restricting global mobility of disabled individuals.
I live at in Sault Ste. Marie at the U.S/Canada border crossing on the Canadian side. I am hoping to return to Oxford Brookes University for PhD studies to research structural discrimination and health disparity among ethnic minority immigrants, which involved eugenic sterilization of women in the 20th century.




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