Libby Jo


A woman with dark hair and glasses holds a paintbrush and a palette of paints in front of an easel with a white piece of canvas on it.

I’m joining this virtual match because my health doesn’t lend itself to traveling nor do my finances. I have gastroparesis and chronic pseudo obstruction along with a whole host of other issues. I am TPN dependent, I can’t eat food. I want to be a part of this movement because I belong to four different groups who’s rights will be effected when trump takes office. First I’m a woman & second I’m a survivor, thirdly I’m an L in the LGBTQIA, and finally due to my cost medical condition coupled with a stroke, I cannot work. The next four years has me completely terrified as to how my communities will be effected, but with this movement there is hope. Hope is something we all need to hold on to in the coming days. Thanks for creating this movement, it really means a lot to be included and thought of.

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  1. March, not match. High cost medical conditions


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