About Us

This online march was put together by a small ad-hoc group of writers and organizers including Sonya Huber, Sarah Einstein, Andrea Scarpino, and others; most of our ad-hoc organizing group are disabled people; this category includes people with a variety of physical limitations as well as chronic illnesses.

We began posting on December 21 with our first marcher, Karrie Higgins. Our first major contingent marched Jan. 20. As of 7 pm on Jan. 21, we had 1,654 entries published, and thousands more we could not process. By Jan. 29, we had posted our final total of 3,014 marchers. We received news coverage and participation from around the world. For links to stories, see the “Media Coverage” page. We will not be posting additional marchers, but we invite and encourage any activist organization to use this model to include disabled marchers who cannot come to marchers or rallies. This page will stay up as an archive of the event.

We are open to any feedback you might have, including edits and inclusion of other resources, and the site will be evolving over the next few months in response to marchers’ needs. Please feel free to email disabilitymarch@gmail.com if you have any questions.  Thank you for reading and/or participating.

If you are interested in joining a Facebook group to support the march, ask questions or connect with others who are working on it, you can feel free to join here.

March Coordinators: Andrea Scarpino, Sonya Huber, Elizabeth Hilts, Elizabeth Roberts-Zibbel, Katie Eber, Em Haymans, Sheila Squillante, Lisa Pierce Flores, Alana Saltz, Laura Sabadini, Sarah Bousquet, Amanda Rybin Koob, Rose Pierre-Louis, an awesome teacher on the down-low, Terry Marttinen, Blaise Mitsutama, Christopher Madden, Zac Cogley, Jennifer Rugolo, Leslie Myers, Corinne Rowland, Cayce Utley, Ali Feudo.

First marcher and art guru of fierceness: Karrie Higgins

Media & Organizational Outreach: Cathy Chester & Terry Marttinen

Web development: Rachael Majka