Do Your Own Disability March!

If you’re planning a march, please think about doing a Disability Contingent online. All you need is a blog and 20-30 volunteers and/or a self-hosted site that allows you to accept entries via a form that automates the process (we didn’t have that, but apparently it’s not that hard). Disability March itself can’t do the processing for companion sites for every march; progressive political organizations need to commit to disability representation for all of their actions and take that on in order to be responsible to their full range of non-mobile supporters. Why? Because you will gain MANY MORE supporters that way, and grow your base. Because disabled people are political beings just like everyone else and we need and deserve political outlets and to be heard. And because disability is an intersectional issue that should also be in your mission statement, your goals, and integrated into the values of your organization, as the disabled are some of society’s most vulnerable. Please check your mission statement. Are the disabled there? If not, why not?