I have a five months old son. I do not want him thinking he can grab women’s vaginas just because the president has.

Janet Black

Never have I been so concerned about the future of my country. I’m horrified that the people of this country have elected someone who is narcissistic, racist, misogynist and hateful. We stand to not only lose the progress we have made with regards to human rights but also environmental protections. The public good has been…

Beth Kasner

I am joining the Disability March because I have fibromyalgia and dysautonomia, which prevent me from taking part in the Women’s March, but I still want to protest and make my voice heard. People with disabilities/chronic illness are often left out of physical ways to protest despite the fact that we make up 20% of…

Mary Hughes

My name is Mary and I’m form the Seattle area.  I am joining  the march because I am unable to walk for very long and traveling is difficult for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and even writing this is tiring for me. I am opposed to Trump’s propaganda of hate and division. His…

Ray Regan

Retired USPS letter carrier. Disabled since 2004. 57-year-old disabled male. Chronic pain and Mobility issues. After years of being put through the wringer with health insurance companies, whose only allegiance is to their shareholders, I became a champion of Barack Obama’s campaign and his goal of health care reform. I refuse to stand by idly…


I have numerous neuromuscular diseases and PTSD. I’ll be marching if my pain is manageable and with a group that understands my PTSD. If not, I’ll be rallying online all day.

Sally Wah

I am joining the March for myself, my daughters. I am temporarily disabled so cannot make the journey. I do not recall a world before Roe v. Wade or before Civil Rights were the norm. I am appalled at the erosion of these and other values I thought were core values of America.

Diana True

I am 70 years old and disabled. Thank you for a way to participate.


My family has been impacted by several types of chronic illnesses and depend on some of the protections in the Affordable Health Act. Mine is a small family that has not collected welfare or food stamps or Medicare/Medicaid or even collected disability. Our health insurance comes from my husband’s job and we pay every penny…