Cynthia L Myers

I am marching for women’s rights, civil rights, rights for people with disabilities. I am marching for crimes against women and children. I am marching for our education for our children. I am marching for a safe and clean in environment for our future. I am marching for the dreamers, LGBT community and basic human…

Athena Hitchin

I’m joining the march to stand up for my fellow disabled and LGBTQ siblings who are at risk of losing our rights as human being and people of this nation under the current administration, which has already even before even entering office attack our basic rights and who we are. I am join in support…

Robin Thomas

As I write this, I watch on television, a sea of white faces at the Inauguration Concert. Not a brown or black face in the crowd. Just white-bread white (btw, I am a middle-aged suburban white women). I march because I have to channel my-to-the-bone anger into the common voice of millions of Americans who…

Karmen Naccarato

I am joining the march because I want to stand with all of my Sisters.

Clare Turner

I unfortunately cannot make the march because I have mild asthma that is worse in bad weather along with a very bad back. I am also attending the memorial for the mother of a close friend of mine the day of my local march. I will be there in spirit

Ryn Landry

I’m joining this march to join the ranks of those who are dissatisfied and full of pain and sadness over the way our country is moving forward. I want to help show another person who is affected in many ways by the proposed plans of the president elect and his cabinet, as a disabled person…

Ruby Shipley

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have had to take extended medical leave from my job. Because of this, I have been unable to pay my rent for the past three months and will likely be unable to pay next month as well. I am joining the virtual march to draw attention to the…

Cate Reddell

I have a chronic mental illness and find large crowds to be distressing and traumatic. While I had hoped to participate a march, just the lead up to doing so has caused too much distress to go through with it. The March is enabling me to still be a part of something I strongly believe in.

Ronete Cohen

Because I will not be silent when women’s rights are destroyed. I march to support all women. I march against misogyny, homo/bi/trans phobia, racism, anti-immigration, Islamophobia, antisemitism, and all discrimination. Shame on you, Trump. You are a disgrace to the world.