Faryl Palles

Why I Am Joining The March : We will not go back. Posterized image of a woman with black short hair wearing dark glasses  

Esther Huhn

Why I Am Joining The March : For human rights, the return of decency and integrity and for the generations of tomorrow.

Gilda Lee

Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining because trump is not the President elected by the people. He is not qualified to be president. He is a cruel, lying, uneducated, silly little man who is in bed with Putin. I will NEVER recognize him as my president. I will miss the Obama’s…

Jackie Zimmerman

Why I Am Joining The March : I’d love to join the disability march because I am a patient living with two autoimmune diseases and I am not able to join any marches in DC. I believe wholeheartedly in what these marchers are trying to accomplish and would love to give my support. I am…

Miriam Mason

Why I Am Joining The March : Because I live with chronic illness, as do my two children with autism whom a Trump Administration will harm without so much as a second thought, because I cannot fathom a sexual predator as president, because I am a woman, strong, good, ethical, and powerful and I will…

Yvonne Wakefield

Why I Am Joining The March : Unable to attend the march due to rheumatoid disease. Smiling woman with long, curly, dark hair and brown eyes wearing a red top  

Stephanie Blumensaat

Why I Am Joining The March : to ensure American women’s reproductive freedom their continued right and access to birth control, abortion, and health care. to ensure girls, boys, men and women know that grabbing a women by the pussy is not okay, despite the new President of the United States stating: “Grab them by…

Emilyanne Lewis

We will not sit quietly by while the rights of all human beings are lead to the firing squad. Smiling woman with red hair, green eyes, wearing a denim jacket and blue blouse    

Melody Klein

Why I Am Joining The March : I have been so sad and frustrated that I cannot attend the march without seriously compromising my health. Living with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia means that a day like this could land me in bed for the next few weeks. I am grateful that this community has been created…