Group Post—Eight Marchers

Misti Lindsey Mills
Why I Am Joining The March:
*Because I oppose having an alleged sexual predator as Commander-In-Chief.
*Because I oppose The Wall and the racist ideology behind such a structure.
*Because I am not Islamophobic.
*Because I oppose defunding arts and education.
*Because I oppose anti-LGBTQ legislation.
*Because I have benefited from ACA.
*Because abortion should be accessible and safe.
*Because I oppose racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia.
*Because climate change is real.
*Because I have a conscience and want humanity to progress, not regress.

Peggy Raddatz
Why I Am Joining The March: I march for my daughter , Ava Raddatz, a 20 year old at Emory University and for her future. She deserves the same rights as every man does. She deserves equal pay . She deserves to make her own choices over her own body. She deserves all full constitutional rights as a citizen of the US. She deserves to have her vote counted in all elections . She deserves to have her voice heard. She deserves a bright future . She needs to know that we must never ever give up our fight as women for ourselves, our daughters, our granddaughters, and all future generations. She needs to know that women are qualified to lead our country. She needs to know we do not accept defeat and will rise up higher than ever. She needs to know her mother will fight until her dying breath to insure her equality as a woman. She needs to know that there is strength in women that is demonstrated, in huge multitudes of marchers , today. She needs to know she is a strong woman and she came from one. Our strength will not be denied.

Laura Leviine Gumina
Why I Am Joining The March : I want to add my virtual body and spirit to the Women’s march- I am older with a bad knee- 67 yrs old….I would be in Washington if I could.
I campaigned for Bernie and I resist Frump with all my soul. Hey women- here I am- right along with you. Please count me in.

Gloria Jordan
Why I Am Joining The March : Because I did not want to become paralyzed with fear and then become apathetic after the election of Trump. I wanted to move to activism. The Women’s March provides that for me.

Lindsay Maruska
Why I Am Joining The March: I am marching because I do not consent to this administration. I do not consent to an illegitimate president who based his campaign on hate and authoritarian cruelty. I do not consent to the subjugation of my fellow Americans: Americans of color, undocumented Americans, disabled Americans, LGBTQA+ Americans, and all others who will be harmed by this president and his supporters. I do not consent to being silenced. I do not consent to hate.

Cindy Shepard
Why I Am Joining The March: I am elderly, disabled, and female. I have three strikes against me according to the incoming government. But I will NOT be counted out! I stand in unity with the others who believe that democracy means equality for ALL people. I want to remind the country that the government is employed by WE THE PEOPLE and we have a right to demand that they serve ALL of us.

Why I Am Joining The March: OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD.

Jennifer Van Valkenburg
Why I Am Joining The March: I believe in unity, kindness and strength of conviction. Where there is love, there is power. That’s what this march embodies to me. The coming together of all to stand up for good, for those that can’t stand up for themselves and to show the world that we believe in a better future for our children.

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