Kayleigh Webster

I am joining the Disability March because I do not believe in the things that Donald Trump believes. I believe in the equality and worth of all people. I believe that any  description you can put to a person does not decrease their importance to the world, whether that label be gay, lesbian, bisexual, black, yellow, Republican, liberal, disabled, mentally ill, woman, transgender, gender fluid, etc. I believe that people are people. I believe that I have worth, regardless of what the president of my country believes. I am joining this march because I am truly terrified of what will become of this country in the next four years and I refuse to deny or ignore my fears just because others have the privilege to ignore them.

I have cerebral palsy and mental health challenges. I am a 19 year old woman and I attend the College of William and Mary. I do not have the physical ability to march on Washington with the woman’s march, or I would do so without question.

Young woman with short reddish hair standing by a car in a parking lot. She is smiling and wearing sandals, denim shorts, and a white tank top.

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