Gail-Elaine Tinker

I am joining the March on Washington after the inauguration of a frightening person -delivering messages of hate, mockery, shutting down the free press, and threatening a wall and deportation of immigrants. As a person with health issues which prevent marching with my sisters and brothers in peace, I join in support of this movement….

Becca Weber

I am not disabled but unable to attend the march in person. I stand with the disabled, disenfranchised, underrepresented, diseased, and all who may suffer under this new regime. I stand for women’s rights, civil rights, love, and support for our fellow man.

Angela Dunkin

I have vision problems and without accommodations, for my disability in high school, I probably would have dropped out of school. I have other health issues that make it hard for me to be active. I am undiagnosed and going through testing for them. Without health insurance, I wouldn’t be able to get the care…

Jen Brett

I am joining for my daughters who deserve to grow up in a world where they are treated as equals and have access to health care.

Natalie E. Illum

Why I Am Joining The March: Because as a woman with cerebral palsy I want to be counted. Because we deserve to lead full and visible lives without threat to our health and safety as women. Website:

Group of 9 Marchers

Name: Patricia Green Why I Am Joining The March: My feet do not allow me to march any longer. But I am with the women in DC on Saturday and I have sent on 3 pink pussy hats. I march to let the world know that not all Americans recognize Trump as a legitimate president. I march…

Jackie W.

Gender and disability politics has affected my entire life. I developed disabling PTSD as a result of gender-related violence and marginalization, spent years housebound from PTSD, and today work in an infamously patriarchal industry. I am excited to lovingly join the Resistance and unite against the very hate which has fueled so much suffering. We…

Chandra Rogers

I can’t march in person but I have so many reasons to protest. Repealing the ACA will hurt many people I love. Having head of the Department of Education be someone who thinks public school teachers are overpaid is a smack in the face for the over $100,000 my husband and I are paying back…

Karen Ratliff

I want to be a part of the solidarity with my fellow sisters and brothers that are marching in D.C. Being unable to attend due to crippling social anxiety as well as spinal stenosis I can’t be there, but my heart will be with everyone there. I am so glad to have this chance.