Group of 9 Marchers

Name: Patricia Green
Why I Am Joining The March: My feet do not allow me to march any longer. But I am with the women in DC on Saturday and I have sent on 3 pink pussy hats. I march to let the world know that not all Americans recognize Trump as a legitimate president. I march for women’s rights, as well as for the rights of all people. I march to let Trump know that I will be watching. I will stand up for justice. I will stand up for love and acceptance and NOT hatred and bigotry. I wish I could be with you all physically but know that I am with you in spirit.

Name: Sylvia Maldonado
Why I Am Joining The March:  I’m joining The March because women have come a long way to have the rights that we have today. They have fought, they have struggled and many have lost their lives to gain respect, rights, and equality in this country. I support this March and I wish I could fiscally be there. My heart is with all of you! Together We Stand!!!

Name: Natalie Rahn
Why I Am Joining The March: I am joining in March because I am a woman with multiple disabilities. I have a Masters in social work (MSW) as part of this career choice I believe it is important to get involved in social justice issues. It is my belief that right now we need to be extremely vigilant about peoples rights and help to stand up for what is right whenever possible.

Name: Hurricane Dorinda
Why I Am Joining The March: All of me wants to be there with everyone in DC. I will be in spirit! Dorinda is the name of my brain tumor, much like a dictator, she controls my master gland, in which controls all the glands. I’m learning more and more every day of the importance in meditation, being a positive person, living together with Mother Earth like we were intended to is. Being taken care of well by the health system is dramatic and insufficient. Research on our bodies is needed. A healthy, thriving ecosystem is needed. Eco-friendly science should be high on the investment list.
Last but not least, I walk for research on mental health, family dynamics and community research and its role in sexual harassment and everyday sexism. I’ve found myself taken advantage of in relationships, friendships, by pervs and in everyday conversation. I was taught to say fire instead of rape, then again, I didn’t get help even when I ran and told all my friends who didn’t see a problem with what had just happened. My good moral “friendly” personality does not mean I want you. I don’t have to say yes.
Education on what humanity is instead of what it should be would change a lot. Children are our future and responsibility. We’re the nurturers who will heal our world and country’s wounds. Together.

Name: Morgen
Why I Am Joining The March: I have lived with chronic pain and chronic fatigue since a spinal injury in 2001. As a professor of sociology and someone who teaches adaptive yoga for people with disabilities, I stand in solidarity with those whose voices have been historically silenced and whose bodies and minds have been rendered invisible. As my daughter – a mass shooting survivor and warrior goddess – always says, love wins. ❤

Name: John O’Neill
Why I Am Joining The March: As a person with a disability, I want to do my part to fight for equality for the disability community.

Name: Cindy Anderson
Why I Am Joining The March: I have plantar fibromatosis and palmar fibromatosis and would not be able to march, however I wanted to virtually march on behalf of the family of this guy and that of my daughter and her husband who will be the recipients of the loss of Planned Parenthood, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, a healthy environment, etc., etc., etc. more than me.

Name: woofmew
Why I Am Joining The March: Because There SHOULD Be LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Name: Lis Brook
Why I Am Joining The March: I want my voice heard during this historic moment. Women will lead us out of this morass of hatred that we are drowning in. We have to fight for ourselves. We are alone in this. Every one of us is responsible.


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