Thalia Mostow Bruehl

Why I Am Joining The March : I’m currently recovering from my third hip surgery and though I physically cannot be with you side-by-side, marching, chanting, fighting as an advocate and as an an ally, I will be marching all day in my heart, with my full spirit. I march for my daughter, for her…

Elizabeth DeLong

 I personally am not disable but my wife is. Her anxiety, physical limitations, and fear of big crowds makes it nearly impossible for us to become involved with most protests. I am her care giver, and even though she has encouraged me to participate, I am fearful that I could become injured or worse arrested…

Miriam Quintana

Why I Am Joining The March : I am joining this march to fight to maintain the rights women have gained in the past 100+ years, and to ensure that my voice is heard .

Carol Westphal

I have ESRD and am on dialysis. I am marching to support equal rights and religious freedom for ALL Americans, single-payer healthcare, and all my family/friends who will be affected by the Trump administration’s horrific policies.

Leslie Barnsley

 I march for the country I thought we were getting close to living in. I march for equality. I march for universal healthcare. I march for Planned Parenthood and women’s autonomy over their own bodies. I march for quality education for all. I march for decency.

JayCee Cooper

Why I Am Joining The March : I’m joining this march to fight for the rights of trans folks with a disability. For sex workers. For people of color. For all of my queer family. There are many ways to “stand up” ❤

Kimberly Ann

I am not able to navigate the crowds and hours of peaceful protesting, but feel it’s so important to go on record for protecting rights and benefits for the disabled in our country (as well as the rights of all Americans who feel fearful about what may come our way). President-Elect Trump has not gone…

Patrice Billings

Why I Am Joining The March : Womens unity  And we are watching the new administration  And we are not going to have our rights threatened or reversed.

Camille Severt

 I march for equality and human rights for all who share this journey and in honor of those who went before that we may march today!