Thalia Mostow Bruehl


Why I Am Joining The March : I’m currently recovering from my third hip surgery and though I physically cannot be with you side-by-side, marching, chanting, fighting as an advocate and as an an ally, I will be marching all day in my heart, with my full spirit. I march for my daughter, for her present, for her future. To protect her rights, to protect my own. I march to protect your rights as well. I march for our freedom, for equality. I march because I truly believe that taking care of one another, listening to one another and learning along the way is the key to being human. I march because I’m angry, beyond angry, and this is a time for change, a time to stand up and call for equal pay, demand an end to white supremacy, it is a time to shout that I have been sexually assaulted, as have many of my friends, and we will not tolerate the abuse of women being overlooked and denied any longer. I march for the freedom to choose, to be my body’s sole authority. I march with you as a proud feminist, a proud mother and a woman roaring, ready to be heard.

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