Margaret Arabella Kenney

I’m marching because I want to affirm that the true majority of this country’s citizens operate from a foundation of compassion, integrity, and good-will toward others. We work to create benevolent community, and support policies that promote inclusion, personal safety, dignity and justice for all.. I march because the current “leadership” in this country and…

Group of 8 Marchers

Erin: As a mother of 2 with chronic health problems, I join to fight for the rights of my fellow warriors. I join to fight for the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. I join to give my boys a future to look forward to. One day I will look back and know- without…

Ashley Clark

For myself, for my friends and loved ones, for every woman and every human worldwide who has suffered at the hands of inequality. Alone, we are incredible – together, we are unstoppable. Love for all of you out there, forever and always!


I would love to march in person but my fibromyalgia gets quite bad when it rains as hard as it is right now in San Diego. I am worried that, when I finish my PhD in the next few years, the academic establishment will have been completely disestablished–the space that has become my refuge will…

Alex Haagaard

As a disabled Canadian, I am joining in solidarity with my disabled and neurodivergent American friends who are in fear for their lives under this presidency.

Jen Rowland

I’m joining the March because women’s bodies have been the site of political struggle for far too long. I want to add my voice so that those in power cannot ignore us any longer without consequence. Because I am disabled, I can’t be there in body, but I hope y’all will yell something inflammatory and…

Loni Webb

We can’t go back. There’s so much still to be done we cannot afford to give ground to these regressive ideologies. Together we are strong. Unite in resistance.

Memes for Inconvenient Disabilities

We’re a small online collective of disabled artivists that exists as a response to ableism in society. We’re participating in the Disability March because we love inclusion and accessibility, and we wanted to be here as a “face” for people who don’t have the spoons (or skills) to sign up! Thanks for being here for…

Michele L M Lippert

I am joining the March for my friends, my sisters, my mother, my aunts, my grandmothers, my possible future daughters, for my sons that they know what is right, and for myself because I know what is right and what I should do. Because I will not stand by and say nothing anymore.