Margaret Arabella Kenney

Me at the Brooklyn Flea Market a couple years ago, before I lost the use of my left arm and leg.
Me at the Brooklyn Flea Market a couple years ago, before I lost the use of my left arm and leg.

I’m marching because I want to affirm that the true majority of this country’s citizens operate from a foundation of compassion, integrity, and good-will toward others. We work to create benevolent community, and support policies that promote inclusion, personal safety, dignity and justice for all..

I march because the current “leadership” in this country and the angry white men who put them there, are making decisions and taking action based on the lowest of motivations, especially fear born from ignorance.

I march in counterbalance to policies that would excise hard won rights of women to control their destinies by controlling their bodies, to policies that would destroy safeguards for the vulnerable and marginalized in our society, that would deny life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to contributing members of our country just because they are classified as “other” by a bitter and entitled constituency.

Since before the Constitution was signed, we were a society that was made up of a diverse population. Among other insurances, the Constitution “promotes the general Welfare, and secure[s] the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity. . . .” This is the legacy and promise that I wish to defend.

I am an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, a birth attendant and published writer. I also love being active kayaking, hiking, backpacking, doing energy work like Reiki and engaging in community events.  About a year and a half ago I lost the use of my left side. I have been left with a number of physical disabilities, including an inability to hold things with my left hand, to drive, to walk, and to enjoy many of the outdoor pursuits that I used to engage in. I am currently focusing on a writing career.

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