Laurie Atwater

Before I developed social anxiety disorder, I went on the March for Women’s Lives in 1986. I felt it was a crucial action at a crucial time. I feel even more strongly now, about this March. But I cannot handle being in a crowd of 200 people, let alone 200,000. This anxiety is truly debilitating,…

Cynthia Dunn-Selph

I am concerned that women’s rights, community diversity and inclusion, and the environment will all be under attack with this new administration. We were not heard in the election, we must be heard now.

Cynthia Bowden

I have MS and worried about Social Security and Medicare cuts that may happen with the new admin.

Dale K. Hanes

I’m a bisexual, gender neutral, female-bodied person who is also a parent and a disabled Navy veteran. I oppose Trump and the GOP agenda on many fronts.


After considering the many reasons I have to join the march, it’s easier to say that I have no reason *not* to. I am gay, I am disabled, I have friends and family who I love that will be forgotten and disregarded in the oncoming years of the sham administration. Because of that, I refuse…


I am joining the Disability March in solidarity with friends who are going to physical marches that I am unable to attend. I have degenerative discs, sciatica, and fibromyalgia that keep me from standing or walking for long periods of time.  I am joining in support of friends with Lupus, Muscular Dystrophy, Hepatitis C, and…

Trevor McCarthy

My name is Trevor McCarthy. I am “marching” with you on behalf of my beautiful wife, Deb, a woman with CP, who is the love of my life.I protest a sexist, divisive, President, who preaches “America First,” but won his office through the machinations of a Foreign Power, who openly knows nothing, cares to learn…


Hi! My name is Leslie. I am joining the disability march because I wanted to attend the Women’s March but having MS made that difficult. I want to march for women’s rights and to stress the importance of addressing violence against women in the United States.

Nadine Szablya

I am a freelance writer. I’ve been an epileptic for 23 years. My epilepsy is further complicated by stage IV cirrhosis of the liver, hepatic encephalopathy, and type I diabetes, all manifestations of 23 years of epilepsy medications. I planned to march in Houston, TX, but on the day of the march I knew a…