Trevor McCarthy

A headshot of a man with short hair and glasses looking into camera with a serious expression.

My name is Trevor McCarthy. I am “marching” with you on behalf of my beautiful wife, Deb, a woman with CP, who is the love of my life.

I protest a sexist, divisive, President, who preaches “America First,” but won his office through the machinations of a Foreign Power, who openly knows nothing, cares to learn nothing – but has decided to make changes impacting decades of US Policy.

I protest on behalf of, not only the Disabled, but also the Poor, our forgotten Minorities, our LGBT Brothers and Sisters – and because Civility and Citizenship, Truth, Reality, Simple Decency, and a Place For All at America’s Table, still matters.

I protest because Healthcare for all still matters In a country as rich as ours: it’s a Right not a Privilege. America is not just for the Rich, White, and endlessly Greedy. I protest because I love this country and it’s People, including each and every Woman!

I protest because America’s Common People deserve better than what Trump and his newly installed plutocratic oligarchy of Billionaires have in store for this country, and the World.

Trevor is a Project Manager Consultant, Historian, and Political Scientist living in Florida.

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