Dana Sprenkle

Middle aged blond woman with shoulder-length hair and a colorful scarf. The image has been filtered to look like a painting. 
I am joining the Disability March because, I have debilitating, chronic pain and cannot make the drive to a major city like Portland or Seattle, let alone march! I am so happy that there is a venue for those of us who will march proudly in our hearts at home.
This election has shown us that we are a divided country. I am mindful of family and friends that support and celebrate this inauguration. Obviously, I don’t agree with them, because I am part of the movement to help protect the vulnerable.  I just wish we could mend fences with those we disagree with.
 I am marching because:
  • Women deserve to be paid equally as men.
  • Women should NOT be exploited,  sexually assaulted or degraded in any form, especially by our President.
  • Black Lives Matter!
  • Immigrants deserve due process and an atmosphere of welcome.
  • People should be free to practice their religion. Church and State should remain separate.
  • People deserve universal health care. Health care should not be a for-profit industry
  • LGBTQ people need to have equal rights.
  • Public Education should be fully funded and Administrators should be accountable
  • Climate change is happening and we need to have experts working at the EPA who will help America clean up her act.
  • I love America, my family, my friends and all my neighbors!
I am a 47 year old, married, mother of three adult children. I have worked as a LPN, and have a degree in elementary education. I have spent the last 10 years working with the United Church of Christ in Richland, WA, as the Christian Education Director.  I started having problems with my back in my 20’s and have slowly become disabled, because of chronic pain, and nerve damage in my legs. This pain has opened my eyes to others who suffer with invisible illnesses and other disabilities.

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