Heidi Lasher-Oakes

I am so many other things besides disabled. In my life I am, or have been, a/n academic administrative assistant animal-lover babysitter baker biologist bookstore clerk cancer survivor cook cleaner custom color matcher daughter dishwasher editor ESL instructor flock-mate to three canaries friend gardener granddaughter grant-writer knitter library page niece patient photographer poet reader seamstress…

Robin Rose

I’m joining this march because I know that love, compassion, and kindness is the only way out of this big pickle we’re in.


Why I am marching: I am joining the march because I believe in justice for all Americans, and a world free of ignorance and hate. About me: I’m a chronically ill femme, artist and witch. Find me at phle-botomy.tumblr.com

Ruthellen Hooker Sutton

Why I march: I’m joining the march because I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a rare genetic connective tissue disorder, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. After a lifetime of disability, I’ve been in a powerchair for ten years. My 28 year old daughter has it too, which breaks my heart and frightens me for her future. I…


Why I’m joining disability march: I am joining this march to stand with millions of Americans as we fight to maintain and expand on the progress we’ve made over the past 8 years. I join my fellow Americans to stay America is already great! About me: Born and raised in Chicago. Spent time as a…

Melissa Eckardt

Everyone should have access to health care! I could not live, happily at home, without it.


Why I’m joining the march: I’m joining the disability march as somebody greatly affected by mental illness. I’m tired of staying quiet and being told to accept somebody so blatantly racist and hateful. Our new President has done nothing but disrespect and attack the most marginalized in our country, including but not limited to women, people…

Stephen Briggs in Saint Paul

I am unable to attend the Womens March – Minnesota but want to do what I can to be counted at this frustrating, frightening time.  It is imperative that citizens who are in the crosshairs of the wealthy elite and radical right speak loudly, respectfully, with conviction, and repeatedly to protect their rights and livelihoods.  Greed…


I am joining the march because the ACA is what made it possible for me to seek treatment for my medical problems. I deal with sciatica and uterine fibroids, and on top of that don’t have the funds to join the march in person. I want to fight to keep healthcare affordable and accessible to…

Patricia Butler

I am joining the Disability March to stand in unity with all people who are concerned and afraid about this new administration. Our diversity is our strength and all people deserve to feel safe and valued. My daughter will be marching in Washington, DC but, unfortunately, my auto-immune conditions will prevent me from being there….

Moda Muses

I suffer from an auto-immune disease and other chronic illnesses so marching is not an option for me. I want to represent for people of oppressed communities against Trump. I am part of this movement, we deserve better. Check out more from Moda Muses on her blog!

Kate McIntire

Leading the greatest nation on the face of the Earth is a position that requires integrity, a history of service and dedication, and sensitivity to all — regardless of political affiliation, gender, or social position. I think that Donald Trump is an unqualified megalomaniac who is looking for more, higher & better achievements to add…