Lu Meyer

Image is a collage with the Meryl Streep quote about Trump mocking a disabled NY Times reporter in the upper left corner; offset and to the right is the Republican elephant with Trump’s hair; 7 thought balloons cross the page with “LGBTQ Rights,” “Gold Star Family Respect,” Disability Empowerment,” Women’s Right to Choose,” Women’s Physical Privacy” “All Lives Matter” and “Hispanic, Muslim, Black, White, Asian, Women, Blue”; Red banner across the image with the words “Stop the Circus.”

My objection to Donald Trump’s presidentcy have nothing to do with policy and everything with his character! I could get over bad policies but he’s an amateur in politics and doesn’t seem to want to learn government procedures. Plus a president is supposed to lead ALL Americans, yet he belittles entire communities of people. He apparently thinks Hispanics, Muslims, Blacks, Handicapped, LGBTQ and Women don’t deserve equal respect and dignity. His argumentative temperament and hot headedness causes alarm as he is going to have literally an entire military behind him with the nuclear codes! Quite scary!

I’m a retired, houseowner widow with 2 adult children, 11 grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way. My social security, life savings and healthcare all are in jeopardy with this administration.
We marched against discrimination 50 years ago and I refuse to let my children and thier families get discriminated against again! My family has grown to love and include Hispanic, Black, Handicap, LGBTQ & of course like every family has women. Let’s not undo 50 years of progress


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