Sandy Champion

A woman with bangs and shoulder-length hair smiling and standing in front of a brick wall

I’m joining this virtual March for several reasons. One, I cannot attend because my husband is a quadraplegic with multiple sclerosis. It’s difficult for me to be so far away from the house so that prevents me from attending the march. Two, I’m walking to stand for all those with disabilities and those who care for them. When Trump made fun of a disabled person, it was the lowest a person could go. I don’t care that others say that he also made fun of an abled bodied person. The fact remains, he was making fun of a disabled person and an abled bodied person, neither of which is OK. When you find it funny to mock others, it shows you true character. Our president elect should be embarrassed but sadly, he’s not. Third, I stand with all those that have been the victim of sexual assault. It make s me sick to think our president elect believes it’s OK to assault women sexually based on his station in life. There is NEVER a time in life that any woman, child, man or senior should be sexually assualted. Shame on anyone that applauds or approves of this terrible act. In closing, I am walking for all those who have been the victim of behavior that is not what America is about. We need to stand together, resist that making America better again entails further disenfranchising those who have struggled for so many years to get the basic human rights they so deserve.

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