Starshadow wears a purple shirt with a string of badges hanging from her neck to her ankle. She is sitting on a throne made of swords and has a heart-eyed skull on her lap. 

I cannot stand up and walk the way even in the Seattle march–it’s too far for me to be able to participate. With my chronic pain issues, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, and CFS, not to mention anxiety issues I’m out of spoons for the week–but this way I can stand up and be counted. 

We have a long way to go for equality in this land, and we’re taking steps backwards for the next four years. Strides backwards. But we must stand for water protectors, for transgender people, for PoC, for lesbian and gay rights, for health care, for women’s health and for all peoples’ rights. 

I think we are seeing the last grasping gasp of the old white male vanguard, but history teaches it can do a lot of damage on its way down. If I go down with it, I will do so with my fist raised and my voice raised for what is right. In the end they will find they cannot eat oil and drink money. May the greed be stopped before it’s too late for the rest of us.

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