D. Denise Dianaty, Poet, and Author

“We the People” are being systematically disenfranchised as Trump and the GOP implement their theocratic corporate feudal state – this has been coming for fifty years or more, since the beginning of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. These theocratic corporate overlords will rule us all and we are only expected to shut up and work until we die.
That is why we resist. Denying that it’s happening will not help us. We are left with only two options: RESIST or die. With the repeal of the ACA, my healthcare is probably going away; I’m a dead woman walking. But, I will keep resisting and fighting to the last. This must NOT be the reality left for my 13-year old son. This infographic is my pledge and my plea: “Keep fighting. Never give up. Never give in. Never stop being kind. Never be bowed. Never be silenced! I may not reap the rewards, but everyone must keep fight for those who will be next.”

My personal pledge and plea. Featured image is a headshot of me (woman with long, straight, reddish hair), wearing glasses, gold button earrings, a strand of dark iridescent glass beads, & a navy blue and white patterned blouse, with hair pulled back, ponytail cascading over my shoulder.

Because of his Middle Eastern roots (his dad’s Persian), my 13-year old has been called ISIS & threatened that Trump’s going to send him the gas chamber by middle school bullies. I’m sick & disabled; everything that is wrong with me is a preexisting condition. I’m a mom a wife, an artist & a writer. I try to live a Christ-centered Faith & life.




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  1. MomzillaNC says:

    Thanks for including me.

    BTW: You misspelled my last name. It’s D-I-A-N-A-T-Y. Thanks.


    1. sonyahuber says:

      Fixed–sorry about that. Thank you!


      1. MomzillaNC says:

        Umm… my last name has not been corrected. It is “Dianaty”


      2. sonyahuber says:

        Hi there, if you could email me at indigomission (at) gmail.com with the hyperlink to your entry and the text you would like changed, that would be great. Thank you!


      3. MomzillaNC says:

        Do you mean the link to the post for my march profile? The post link is here: https://disabilitymarch.com/2017/01/20/d-denise-dainty-poet-and-author/

        My gmail is MomzillaNC@gmail.com

        Y’all corrected it once before, but at some point since then, it’s been misspelled in a new way.


      4. MomzillaNC says:

        Yes. Thank you.


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