Erika Christiana

Unable to caption due to cognitive dysfunction; photo of myself with a purple cane.
I am a disabled college student. I suffer from fibromyalgia, PCOS, POTS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, the homozygous MTHFR gene mutation,  chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD,  complex regional pain syndrome, and depression.  Chronic pain riddled my life beginning at the age of 13, and continues to wreck my prospects as I grow older.
I am a disability advocate who relies on Medicaid, the Federal Pell Grant, and other welfare services that I cannot risk losing with arrest. I am tired of the injustices faced by those with invisible, physical disabilities and mental illnesses. Each struggle contains special injustices that the general public denies. I am tired of having to cry my eyes out in frustration when others do not believe I am as disabled and unhealthy as I am.
I am tired of ableism. I am tired of leaders who refuse to accommodate and expand a quality of life improvement to the disabled living in the United States. I am demanding better conditions and a chance to earn disability benefits with invisible, physical disabilities like fibromyalgia.

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