A middle-aged woman reclines in a chair on a lawn. She wears sunglasses and is smiling at the camera.
This is me about 2 months after my diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. It is a plasma cancer. It greatly affects my stamina. My name is Kristine Wade. I had planned to go to the march in DC but unfortunately, I just don’t have it in me and I didn’t want to slow down my friends.I am currently out on disability will I take chemotherapy. I am an audiologist and I hope to go back to work at some point. I know about 15 people going in DC. Other friends are going in Charlotte, Charlottesville VA, Atlanta and LA. I so wish I could go but I have to think of my health.
I hope for a peaceful and meaningful March and that it does not end here. Unfortunately, these people who march tomorrow are the people who will get out and go to a March and are the people who got out and voted. These are not the people we need to attract to vote but these are the people who will get out there and get others to vote, I hope. Maybe I’m Wrong. Maybe some of these people saw what happened when you don’t vote.  I so wish I could do more. My time will come to help.

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  1. CleverBunny says:

    My father also received a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, and from being with him every day I can understand how challenging and tiring the idea of going on a physical March must be. Courage and love to you!


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