Jenn Hyla

Black and white photo of a woman sitting at a table in a tank top that says “Freedom” with a heap of medications surrounding her.

I’m joining the march because I want to celebrate the diversity of this country, and to show the next President that we will not be bullied. If I were not nearly bankrupt and bedridden with neurological Lyme disease, I would be there in person! I am truly appalled by Mr. Trump’s behavior in mocking a disabled reporter, his bragging about assaulting women, his constant childlike statements, and his attempts to divide this country with fear. As a female Veteran I am terrified by what could happen with this incompetent man at the helm. Thank you for the opportunity to join the march from my bed!

I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease in September 2015. I believe I was misdiagnosed with arthritis for about 5 years prior to getting extremely sick, and ending up in the emergency room. Since getting my diagnosis I have had to move thousands of miles in order to get decent medical care, lost my career of 8 years, and at 35 years old I have been unable to work at all for nearly two years. Due to the controversies surrounding late stage Lyme disease, my insurance will not cover many of my treatments. In order to pay for my medications I have been selling my artwork on Redbubble at Jenny, and relying on donations from gofundme.
Check it out, and thank you for reading!

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