Lori Don Levan

She is a fat, white woman wearing Columbia University doctoral robes and hat. She has short dark hair and is wearing glasses. 

I am joining the disability march because I have no way of participating in any physical marches due to my disabilities. I want to rise up for everyone who stands to suffer under our new president and the republican dominated congress. They are poised to undo all of the steady gains we have made over the last century towards equal rights, fair labor laws, respecting the environment, social safety nets, and so on. I may not have the physical capacity to get out there and fight, but I do have my voice. And so, I raise it up in this virtual space that has been provided for us to do just that. RESIST!!

I am a teacher, artist and fat activist. I have worked my whole life with many different kinds of people in many settings with one goal in mind—to help people see the world differently. I will continue to do so as I am able.

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