Lyn Horan

“It’s not what you don’t get, it’s what you don’t get to give!” is my mantra for all people robbed of opportunity whether they are disabled, POC, LGBTQ, or women, and/or living in poverty. When we deny people the right to be protected and to use their gifts, they not only lose out, EVERYONE LOSES.

I have had a progressive form of MS since 1985, Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus since 1987. I am a community activist, artist, and teacher. My illnesses and disability severely impact my life and relationships, but most of all my opportunity to give back.

I am especially concerned that people who are already struggling and already dealing with the negative impact of discrimination are likely not to have affordable healthcare for themselves and their families with this new administration.

I am very concerned that the children of this country will have their future further diminished by this administration’s denial of air and water pollution, climate change, a lack of access to a quality education that benefits their needs, access to quality healthcare that is affordable, safe housing, ability to earn a living wage, and a basic respect and value of their lives regardless of race, gender, age, etc. The selection of department heads by this administration validate these concerns, and show a moral bankruptcy that emphasizes making of profit on the suffering of others.

It is very hard for me to maneuver through crowds and even can be dangerous. Public transport is difficult as I’m in a 350-lb. power wheelchair. Lack of access to public HP bathrooms also is an issue for folks like me at events like this. So, I really appreciate the efforts to include people like myself!
I will continue to work to make the invisible, visible.

I’m an artist, teacher, and activist of 30-some years. I exhibit my work nationally. My teaching emphasizes creating and participating in the arts as a tool for constructive self-expression, renewal, and communication across barriers that divide us. Activism includes creating a coalition in Maryland that sought to provide a quality fully rounded education meeting the needs of each child while warning of the devastating impact of No Child Left Behind which relied on a one variable testing evaluation, opening the door to the massive education for-profit-industry. I also work in any way my health allows, to support my local community. ( (

photo of woman with long dark, greying hair in front of black and white charcoal drawing, holding poster

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