Scooty has long, light-brown hair and glasses. She’s wearing a colorful lime-green shirt and blue denim pants. Scooty is sitting in her power wheelchair with her service dog, Finnegan, a black medium-sized dog, by her side.

I was born with Spina Bifida and use a power wheelchair. Pictured is myself and my service dog Finnegan. I adopted Finnegan from the Marshall County (In)Humane Society and trained him myself to be my service dog. I’m joining this march on Saturday at least in spirit. As a woman, I matter. As someone with a disability, I matter. My thoughts and opinions matter. Those of us who have disabilities of whatever type matter. I tried to make my vote count. It was the electoral college that made the decision to make this man President. How can it be that a majority of a country’s citizens can vote to elect a President but have their votes not matter and have the electoral college instead pick their President? How is that a democracy? I know that tomorrow he will be the President and there’s nothing any of us can do about it now. I know we have to live with who’s in office for the next four years. I just hope that President Trump remembers that he should be representing all of his citizens not just the ones just like him.

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