Selena Marie Wilson


Why I’m joining the disability march: I am one of the approximately 25% of people in America who suffer from chronic migraine, defined as 15 or more days of migraine symptoms/pain per month; at best, it’s like taking half a month and throwing it in the trash, and for me the symptomatic days number higher–24/7, 365. The intensity fluctuates, but the symptoms never go away.

I’m currently untreated. Completely untreated. After 2 years of specialist care, I learned that the medical coverage I had through Medicaid was the result of an agency error. I’m unable to work and often to care for myself at home, have no income, and am fighting for disability coverage. The care I received that gave me minimal functionality is gone.
The repeal of the ACA along with proposed cuts to disability and Medicaid affect much more than just me–they affect millions. Millions who desperately need assistance despite working. Millions who are disabled and chronically ill. Millions with life threatening conditions.
We need coverage–comprehensive, affordable coverage that includes preexisting conditions. This is essential to our lives.
About me: I’m a mom of four, a grandma of four adorable grandspawns, a daughter, a sister, an animal lover with 16 outside cats (9 are kittens), two inside cats (I know, crazy cat lady, that’s me), two box turtles, and a huge German Shepherd slobber machine. Most of our pets are rescues. 

I love rock and alternative music, I write poetry, I am an artist, and I advocate for awareness of mental illness, chronic migraine/chronic pain, and domestic violence. I write articles on occasion for The Mighty and am part of a team of amazing admins for a headache disorder support page on Facebook, BrainWreck RebelsYou can follow my stories on my blog, Down The Rabbit Hole, at .

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