Sherry Mestel


Good evening. My name is Sherry Mestel.
I am a clinical social worker and creative arts therapist. I am a member of Nuyagi Keetowah, a traditional Cherokee spiritual group in NYC.
 I am unable to walk without a walker due to a fractured femur and right knee.
I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate on this virtual march!

I Am Marching —-
For Women’s Rights
For Native Rights
For All Human’s Rights
Rights for —
Health Care
Job Security
Living Wages
I am marching
For Our Planet
For the Four Leggeds
For the Two Leggeds
For the ones that Crawl
For the Winged ones
For the ones that Swim
I am marching
For a Sustainable Planet
For the Coming Seven Generations
Wado Wado Wado Wado

Sherry smiles into the camera, pink hair falling on her shoulders over a floral print jacket. Light shines down on her head creating a glow. Visible through a window behind her is a street at night.

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