Alisha Lewis

I can’t attend the march as I’m just getting over walking pneumonia and don’t have my strength back yet for a full march.
In 2000 I got cancer.  I didn’t have health insurance and lost my home, pension, and IRA to pay my medical bills. (Two surgeries)  Then, the economy crashed and I lost my life savings—-the only thing that kept me from being homeless was Obama extending UI benefits.
When I became sick, if not for Obamacare, I might not be alive now.  The doctor caught the condition before it worsened into pneumonia.
I have nothing in social security because I only ever had pension jobs and had to withdrawal all my money.  If healthcare is taken from us I’ll never stay healthy enough to work until I’m 90 when I can retire.  I’m starting over financially.
I’m single with no extended family, Jewish, a substitute teacher in public schools, and older.  That puts me on 3 of the targeted HIT lists.

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