Amy Millios


Propped up in bed wearing my favorite tweed ca
Four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune arthritis that made it impossible for me to keep working.  As a result, I lost my employer-sponsored health insurance and went without insurance for a year (getting sicker) until the ACA took effect.  Getting coverage under the ACA enabled me to start treatment once again and make progress towards getting back to work.  I am very concerned for those who will lose their insurance coverage if the ACA is repealed, and I’m particularly worried about Congress’ determination to do away with the pre-existing conditions clause. I want my voice in these matters to be heard.
Prior to my diagnosis and becoming disabled I worked in the fields of human services and information technology.  I’m currently a graduate student at Dartmouth College hoping to make my way into the field of narrative medicine–a field where I believe my skills and experience are best suited to empowering others with chronic illness and making a positive impact on healthcare delivery.

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