Andrea Schulz


I’m marching for my daughter. I’m marching for the women and children in my life who have been abused and raped by bullies. Some of these women and children did not survive. I still see their faces. These are the faces of my friends, my co workers, their children, and of children and women I served but could not save. We have to stand up to bullies. We have to do it with peace and love in our hearts, but we cannot back down. We have to do the right thing, even when it is a sacrifice personally. Speaking the truth to power is so very dangerous. But we still have to speak. We have to be nonviolent and very loud in support of equal rights for all colors, religions, genders, and isms.
That’s why I’m marching virtually.

Andrea’s face seen from the side. She is smiling, with eyes closed and her head back on a pillow. There is a bright red lipstick kiss mark on her cheek. Her dark hair is pulled back, and she wears a blue top.

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