Anelecia Hannah Brooks

I will not assent to a lying, racist, treasonous, selfish sexual predator in the White House. I resist. I object. I dissent.
Black lives matter. LGBTQ+ people are equal citizens. Muslims belong here. Immigrants belong here. Women are not lesser citizens. Everyone should have the right to health care, and sovereignty over our own bodies. Sick, poor Americans are not lesser citizens.
Policy should be written with empathy. Care for our wounded planet, our fellow creatures. Act ethically to our global neighbors: we are neighbors. Not America alone: America the ally. Seek Peace, Love, Truth.
I am an artist. I am a small business owner. I am a grad student. I am a teacher. I am disabled. I add beauty, truth, and knowledge to the world. My life is valuable. I rely on the Affordable Care Act. If my body could hold me up, I’d be marching in Washington.

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