barak adé soleil

as a queer disabled person of color, I believe it is critical to be present in all the ways we can at this march. to create a larger discourse on the issues that are already impacting our communities….to move with others in solidarity as we make apparent our concerns. with love. with compassion. with tenacity. with grace. with women leading the way…

I make dance, performance art and theater. Within these acts of creating live art, lies vital opportunity to reveal truths drawn from the complex and interwoven legacies of America; particularly as it relates to identity, and ultimately our humanity. My current works are the result of a deep engagement with the expansive traditions of the African diaspora, disability culture; recognizing the innate wholeness of all bodies while questioning the historical contexts in which certain bodies have been interpreted and violated. The works are my response to the social and political tensions existing in the physical body today.

Image of black cisgender male dancing with crutches.

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