Candyce has short grey hair and a bright smile. She wears a white cowgirl hat, a white shirt, and a grey cardigan. 

I am grateful to be able to join my niece and her husband in the  Women’s March on Washington via the disability march online.  Were it not for primary lateral sclerosis, I would be there in person.  I am a retired professor with countless students who serve families in mental health agencies all over the country.  I am concerned about healthcare accessibility and the felt safety of people who feel they do not belong. I wish for us all communities of loving kindness.

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  1. Eric McCollum says:

    It was a terrific day here in DC . . . thinking of you, Candy . . .


  2. Sorry to hear that PLS is making life tough. I have it too. I’m only 48 and intend to keep on actively living for a long time. I use photography as a way of keeping me engaged with the world. Because of my disability I take the photos from a mobility scooter. If you are interested you can see them at I wish you all the best 🙂


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