Carmen Smith, Creations by Carmen

  • I was invited to go to a variety of marches, including the main one in DC and a few smaller ones in the area I’m in, but with my fibromyalgia, chronic cluster migraines, arthritis and anxiety, marches and protests are very hard for me. There’s never places to sit and rest, it’s overwhelming and hard to navigate for someone who is chronically ill. Plus I always feel like I’m inconviniencing the people I go with because I need more rest. But I wanted to go and show my support, so I found a way to participate by making a bunch of pussy hats, crocheted and sewn, to pass out to friends and nice strangers. That way we can show our solidarity from where we are.
  • I am a feminist artist inspired by everything! My work can be seen at and on Facebook at Creations by Carmen. I own my own business and earned my BFA in 2012 and my MFA in 2014. I work primarily with fiber and beads however I am interested in all sorts of materials.

    Pile of Pussy Hats for the Pussy Hat Project in crocheted pattern and sewn fleece pattern.

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