Don White


I am a disabled man that was hoping for a good spell and finding a handicapped assessable bus from Kentucky so my husband and I could join the march for women. But no such luck. I have two siblings that will probably die if they loose the ACA. We wanted to support all the wemon from our family, friends and all of those who died and were injured or lost a love one in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. We went to Orlando’s Gay Pride Parade and were honored to meet the parents of one of the victims. I had stenciled the names of the victim and their ages on an rainbow flag. We had it blessed at MCC, and we are taking it to as many pride events and fundraisers as we can; and adding them to the flag. The parade was overwhelming hundreds of people saw us coming and were cheering for our bright suit’s; then broke into tears as they realized the flag had the victim’s names on it. We have had over 500 selfies taken. We need to remember all those that suffered and sacrificed for what rights we have. And keep fighting not to loose them, and to continue to make progress. Thanks, and Love to all those who are able to attend for us.

Two men in rainbow tuxedos hold a rainbow flag between them in front of a police car, the sign for the Pulse nightclub in Florida behind them.

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