Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen

Peace, love, joy and hope to you all! I offer you this mini-march, staged in our living room. The toys I played with as a child now speak my values as a disabled adult.  I am extraordinarily lucky to have my job: the unemployment rate among blind people is 70 percent, and I am joyful, humbled and very, very glad to participate in the march on OUR capital in this way. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Yes, we can.

womens march at our house.jpg
Vintage Fisher Price Little People, hand-carved birds, chess pieces, etc marching with tiny ukuleles, pink hats, rainbow flags and protest signs stating “MNI Wiconi / Water is Life,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Same Shit, Different Century,” “We Shall OverCOMB” (sic), “Pussies Grab Back,” and a giant uterus. 

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