Ember and Robin


Ember has endometriosis and numerous other chronic pain conditions. Robin has chronic joint pain. Both have varying experiences with chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivities. They are marching from home because Ember cannot sit or stand for long. ACA has allowed Ember to access lifesaving treatments that were previously out of reach. To lose health insurance through its repeal would be devastating. They are marching for themselves and their siblings, parents, children, friends. They are marching because every human deserves to be treated with honor, dignity, and respect. They are marching for “good laws under a free government”.

Ember designs jewelry and essential oil products at earthharmonydes.etsy.com, and tweets about art, books, identity politics, and xems life with chronic pain @undefinedkosmos. Robin teaches at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

Bespectacled enby with undercut pompadour (l) and bespectacled woman with curly hair (r) hide their smiles behind peeved looking long-haired black therapy cat.

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