Glen Chism


Before the past year, and my current health issues, I have had an long history of taking part in protests, marches and occupations. Both of my sons (ages 13 and 25) have much experience with expressing their rights to protest. Due to my health issues I was not able to go to Standing Rich in the past year. After deciding not to go to the march in opposition to Donald Trump’s utilization of fear to become elected to the Presidency of the United States, my younger son’s mother (who is taking my son to the march) shared the link to the “Disability March.” I believe the Trump Presidency is an wonderful opportunity to work to create a society no longer ruled by the fear of others.

Currently unemployed, after having survived 2 or 3 “silent” strokes in 2016. The strokes resulted in a significant loss of vision, balance, gait and stamina. Prior to strokes I was a baker and chef.

Photo of a man with a green cap(with blue brim), wearing a t-shirt with the image of a panda bear riding a bicycle.

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