My picture is of my niece. She has a developmental challenge, but she has had a life of love and dignity through her own courage, the loving work and courage of her parents, and the availability of community and health services.  She is holding a quilt I made for her. We both have physical challenges, and I am so grateful for this virtual march so that I can participate. Every day, I benefit from accessibility in public places that wouldn’t have been available, but for the ADA; and I benefit from Medicare and Social Security. My favorite quote is from Lyndon Johnson: “I know that government cannot resolve all problems. It cannot make men happy or bring them spiritual fulfillment. But it can remedy the public failures which are at the root of so many human ills.”

I am a retired public employee, as is my husband, and a mother of two amazing women.

A multicolor quilt being held by a young woman with black hair


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