Group Post (10 marchers)

Necia Parker-Gibson
Why I’m joining the march: We have made such advances for women, people of color, LBGTIA folks, and yes, people with disabilities, and people where those things intersect. We can’t afford to go backwards.

Angela Renee Binne
Why I’m joining the march:
I am joining the march as a Woman with multiple disabilities who will lose her medical benefits if Obamacare is repealed. As of right now, I pay nothing for my medical care. If they make changes to Social Security (which I’m currently applying for), that will severely affect me getting the care that I need! I join with the other Women in this march!

Lefa Singleton Norton
Why I’m joining the march: I stand in solidarity with all women, particularly those most vulnerable to the new political reality we are facing; women of colour, our LGBTIQ family, First Nations women, women living in poverty and my fellow women with disabilities. Now more than ever we need to come together and remember the collective strength we have.

Shaw Fitzgerald
Why I’m joining the march: I can not participate in the march here in Seattle (or in DC obviously) but I would like to raise my voice in support of the rights and the dignity of women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and the disabled. We all have the right to be treated with respect and we all deserve access to affordable healthcare.

Kate Branch
Why I’m joining the march: As a mother of daughter who lives on disability, a grandmother with a granddaughter and great great aunt of numerous nieces and nephews whose future I worry about, I stand against tRump and this administration. As a member of the LGBQT community I stand against bigotry and hate, As a woman I stand for equality. As a human being I stand for civil and human rights for all.

Dr. Marc Hemeryck
Why I’m joining the march: I am a medical doctor from Belgium, but no longer practicing because of a neurological illness I acquired 7 years ago. I feel disgusted as I see the president-elect treat women and all “minorities” as lesser humans. The difference between President Obama and this man could not be more profound. The most anger goes to the people that support him, who “made him great” . The testimonials of the harrassed women show real and genuine fear as you see them tremble during their statements. I really admire them. The world seems like it’s going to pieces.

Sarah Bat
Why I am joining the disability march: I’m joining to march because this is the only way I can think to make my voice heard. I am a multiply physically disabled autistic person, and also mentally ill. I am queer. These are terrifying times for me and other people like me, and I have to do something. People who cannot march on the streets and scream deserve to be heard too. We have so much at stake. I’m a queer disabled poet living in the pacific northwest. My work can be found at or at my poetry and disability rambling twitter, @battywrites

Wilamena Pants
Why I Am Joining The March: I am a 56 year old woman who lives with and is now disabled due to secondary progressive MS. I’m also recently recovering from a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. I spend my time educating and advocating regarding service dogs and disabilities. I am sincerely appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the March as a disabled person. I have grave concerns regarding health care, the rights and treatment of those in at risk populations as well as the overall direction or “moral compass” if you will, of our country under the new administration. As a disabled woman, my health care and my rights are of the utmost importance to me. Never before have I found myself actually fearful of what may transpire. I certainly am now and our voices need to be heard. It is because of my service dog Willow that  I am able to walk and live independently, safely.

Vikee Waltrip, Deaf & Mobility Impaired
Why I Am Joining The March: I want to join the Disability March because I am concerned about IDEA education for Deaf children and the acceptance and lack of experience of unreliable cabinet members.  I am a Deaf Stand up comedian who is currently retired and now an Uber driver.

Lorca Jolene

Why I Am Joining The March:  I am agoraphobic and have a lot of trouble attending marches/rallies without having multiple panic attacks, so am happy to be able to express my support another way. Trump and his supporters disgust me. I’m saddened by the violence that he and his supporters have already committed against women, LGBTQ+ folk, undocumented folk, sexual violence survivors, POC, and disabled folk. And I’m scared for how his presidency will continue to endanger them. I’m proud of everyone who is doing what they can to speak out against their hate and bigotry. About me – I’m a queer, neuroatypical library science student and artist.

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