Jessie Lynn McMains

Jesse with long red hair crouching wearing a black leather jacket has a striking heart tattoo.

I cannot attend the march in DC or any of the sister marches near me, not because of my own disabilities, but because of my son’s. He is on the autism spectrum and has sensory processing issues, and does not do well in large, noisy crowds–so I can’t take him to a protest. Instead, I am marching in spirit. I am marching for my son, because we are inaugurating someone who has openly mocked disabled people. I am marching against an administration that wants to cut healthcare and education funding. I am marching as a mentally ill, person, a queer person, an artist. I am marching alongside all oppressed groups, even those I am not part of–because I stand against oppression in all forms. Visit my website at

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  1. I’d like to say that I don’t identify as a woman. I’m a non-binary femme. But thank you for including me in the Disability March. It means a lot to me.


    1. I changed the photo description Jessie…can you tell me if it is ok?


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