Jillian Knight

Jillian is brunette with a neck scar and a “brave girl” sign behind her in the background. 

I have volunteered for Planned Parenthood, donated to the Human Rights Campaign and Southern Poverty Law Center every year for over the last 10 years, participated in gay pride parades, spoke out against injustice when I witnessed it in my life, cut out any people (including family members) that have racist or homophobic views,  wrote poems for gay rights, wrote poems for black rights, and did all this because I was raised to do so. My Mom and her Mom before her preached love and acceptance of ALL people. My Grandma, who lived on a ranch in a conservative area, had the ranch owner’s daughter come to her in the 60’s to tell her that her Mom found out she was a lesbian and now her Mom wouldn’t let her attend family functions. My Grandma, knowing full well that it might get her and my Grandpa evicted from their home with 7 children, marched up to the woman’s house and told her that you never turn away family because of who they love. Maybe because of who they hate, but never because of who they love. It opened the woman’s eyes and many local ranchers even accepted their daughter after that. It is because of these principles that I live my life. My Grandma always said “Don’t use the word hate, it uses up too much room in your heart that could be used for love.” I teach my children the same thing. If you part ways with a friend or have a disagreement, do not hate them. Understand the life lesson. What is really getting to me now with this whole election is helping my children understand how to deal with so much of the public hate. The public acceptance of said hate and the children in their school or neighborhood that, because their parents views, have this close minded view on life. It is so crazy to me to think that the conservative views I am running into on these same ranches or the surrounding area are even worse than they were during the 60’s when my Grandma spoke her mind. I honestly think that if this were the same situation today my Grandma would have been evicted. How sad is that? I will continue to preach love and acceptance which is why I am so grateful for this opportunity for people like me, disabled who want to march in spirit, and the common belief between all of us that all humans have rights. I have a connective tissue disease that affects every part of my body, including my heart. It will not stop me from speaking out, fighting for what is right and helping those that need it. May we speak out against the hate and march on in love. #loveislove #noh8 #humanrights #lgbtrights #careforALLcitizens #healthcarebecausewecare

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