Jina Yi Davidson

I’m including a photo of when President Obama came to the high school where I teach.  He gave his first Back to School address on September 8th, 2009 in Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA.  One of my students was able to capture all the promise and optimism and greatness in this smiling photo.  I am (virtually) marching because I just underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy to remove cancer from both of my breasts.  After my deductible, all was paid for by my insurance.  I cannot even describe to you how I would not be here in the future if I did not have insurance.  Though my physical limitations at this time preclude me from being able to march, I stand for the Affordable Health Care Act, so that anyone in my shoes does not have to make that choice between life and death because they can’t afford it.  I stand for Equality for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity, color of skin or socio-economic status.  I stand for all Americans and anyone who wants to be an American, as I am an immigrant myself.  I stand for all of my beautiful students who all should have to opportunity to be who they want and do what they want and not live in fear because they are labeled as a minority.  I am a minority and I stand for the label minority and majority to be erased out of our vocabulary when we talk about humans.  We are all humans and we should all be in this together.

An Asian woman in sunglasses with dark red hair gets kissed (one on each side) by her two bi-racial daughters (both wearing sunglasses) in an outdoor swimming pool
An absolutely gorgeous photo of Barack Obama in 2009 at the high school where Jin teaches. He’s smiling, wearing a blue tie and a dark suit. The background is blue.

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