Joyce Elliott

I am a private violin and viola instructor.
I teach 50 students per week ranging in ages from 6 to 80
Prior to starting my small business over a decade and a half ago, I served the City of Akron, Ohio as a firefighter/medic trainer for over 13 years. I was one of three of the first women selected to work in an all male department at a time when this was a new view in the field of first responders. During my service, I was injured while carrying heavy lifesaving equipment then falling on ice in the middle of winter while attempting to extinguish an involved house fire. This resulted in a lower back injury that makes it painful for me to travel let alone march in Washington, DC.
I am supportive of Women’s Rights are Human Rights. My wife, Linda Hodgen, and I were married in Washington, DC on 12/20/2013 but had to wait until the Supreme Court ruled in our favor before Ohio recognized our marriage. Obviously, we support LBGTQ civil rights, too. There are numerous needs and issues that we plan to rally behind now and for as long as necessary.

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