Kaliko Reed

I’m a mom who is unable to attend this march due to physical disabilities. However, I wish I could, because I cannot support a president who is, himself, so unabidingly unqualified for this tremendous responsibility, let alone a person who has admitted (even bragged) about sexually assaulting and degrading women, who has (on video) bullied disabled people (not just the reporter, but a CHILD), who has made outrageously false accusations against many people in the current administration, and who can’t even contain his childishness on Twitter. He has chosen people for his cabinet who are not qualified, but would stand to gain tremendously on a personal financial level by their positions, and not only that, Mr. Trump will not abide by even the most basic transparencies (like showing his tax return so we can all see where his money comes from and is hidden) and decencies like putting his business interests in a blind trust so that he cannot benefit outright by his position. He is a liar and a crook, based on all of these examples, and even though my trust in politicians in general has always been shaky, this guy scares the living HELL out of me.

I am a woman, who depends on my health care for my particular disabilities which would be considered pre-existing, I use a contraceptive, and I have children in school – one on his way to college. There are so many reasons why I alone should be in fear of this administration. Thankfully I’m not an immigrant, LGBTQ or a member of a religion that he doesn’t approve of… but millions of my fellow Americans ARE. Many MILLIONS OF US are watching.

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