Katherine (Katie) Granato Einhorn

I’m joining for myself and all my sick CML sisters that we don’t get our insurance taken away or be unable to switch insurances.

I’m joining for all my fellow victims of abuse, whether it be sexual or verbal abuse.

I’m joining for my sons, so they understand how strong woman act if you threaten them or take away their rights.

I have Chronic Myloid Leukemia. This is a cancer of the blood, that is incurable because my DNA has been altered and will constantly produce mutant blood cells. I was diagnosed three years ago and have been on a low dosage chemotherapy pill since. I am in partial remission but will never be able to get off the meds. I don’t feel I can walk for as long as I would need to at the march, or be able to out there in inclement weather. I need to take care of myself as I’m a single mother of two amazing sons.

A woman with long reddish straight hair standing in her dining room wearing jeans and an olive green jacket, smiling

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